Rumble in the garden

Dave the Western European hedgehog is a welcome resident in our small garden on a busy junction in the city of Leicester. In this short video Dave encounters another male outside his lodgings at 3am one morning. In typical hedgehog fashion it’s a lot of grunting and shoving over nothing and is soon over. Dave … Read more Rumble in the garden

Build a USB battery pack keep-alive load

Another very easy construction project, from the team at Sotabeams. For once though, I actually needed this item rather than the usual, “Wanted it”. So what’s the problem ? This is a basic “Tea break” project that serves a purpose for those who use power/battery banks. Powerbanks can be used with WSPRLITE units that have … Read more Build a USB battery pack keep-alive load

Meet Fat Dave the Hedgehog

Fat Dave, Western European hedgehog

This is Fat Dave, he’s our resident Hedgehog currently occupying one of the quieter corners of our garden. He’s a Western European Hedgehog, now an endangered species due to many factors, the main one being the relentless push to rip up wild natural habitat to build roads, and urban housing and businesses to fulfil our … Read more Meet Fat Dave the Hedgehog

Build a Raspberry PI ADS-B SDR Aircraft Receiver/Feed

What is ADS-B Automatic, Dependant, Surveilance – Broadcast ADS-B is a system in which electronic equipment onboard an aircraft automatically broadcasts the precise location of the aircraft via a digital data link. The data is used by other aircraft and air traffic control to show the aircraft’s position and altitude on display screens without the … Read more Build a Raspberry PI ADS-B SDR Aircraft Receiver/Feed