DMR – Welcome to the dark side

Back in 2003 i obtained my full licence. Around this time Digital radio was starting to get a grip on the hobby, however at this point i resisted. Now i have always been the traditionalist, i like the old fashioned way of making contact with people, aerials, analogue radios you name it. I got myself … Read more DMR – Welcome to the dark side

Build a small space HF Antenna

A number of people within our hobby have restrictions on antenna placement for a number of reasons. Maybe our gardens are too small, maybe there are planning restrictions. Whatever the reasons most of us who fit into this category are always looking for an antenna to get us out there. We will never match the … Read more Build a small space HF Antenna

Build a 4:1 UnUn

Bifilar toroid

What is an UnUn ? Unbalanced to unbalanced- simple? An unun is an impedance transformer, usually 4:1 or 9:1, that will match an unbalanced antenna to a feed line. To buy or not to buy ? The question was โ€œ Do I pay ยฃ35+ for a ready made unit, or do I make it myself?โ€ I have taken … Read more Build a 4:1 UnUn