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My name is Dave known to friends and family as “Balders”. I live on the eastern outskirts of the city of Leicester in Leicestershire, in the East Midlands of England. My Locator is IO92LP. Previously up until 2017 I lived on the outskirts of London where my Locator was IO91TO

From an early age i have been interested in electronics and radio. I used to attend jumble sales to buy old items of radio kit to fix and return to good use. Sometimes I may have even sold these items on. And yes, I learnt my lesson as a clueless youngster shocking myself on numerous occasions, but learning the reasons why very quickly.

Up the Rose and Crown Thurnby
Me and my head of security-Alfie
Ground Crews work on their Vickers Wellington Mark Xs

My Father was an electrician working on Lancaster and Wellington bombers, and other aircraft of the late war years, at what is now known as Elstree aerodrome in Hertfordshire.

His many tales of the mishaps that occurred, how they collapsed aircraft undercarriage, and the many stories of the female transport pilots that used to deliver the aircraft, so badly damaged that they could hardly fly, were really quite frightening. His stories always kept me engaged and enthralled and built the interest I have always had in all aspects of aviation. 

In fact it went beyond that, to the stars and beyond when I also showed an interest in astronomy and space itself.

This culminated in a holiday in Florida in 1996 when I was fortunate enough to witness the 17th flight of the space shuttle Atlantis – STS 79, on its journey to link up with the Mir space station.

What a day. I was mesmerised. Needless to say, that interest goes on today and I enjoy tracking the space station, as well as other satellites. Being a radio amateur I am licensed to make contacts via a number of these satellites. I collect a lot of ephemera regarding anything to do with air and space travel as a result.

My interest in radio operations was ignited, when I made a visit to the National space centre in Leicester around 2002. Here the now defunct NSC-ARS amateur radio club had a station in place showcasing space communications, via the amateur radio satellite system. I was hooked.

National Space Centre Leicester

Space Shuttle Atlantis

Don G0ACK being very patient with three clueless new recruits

I have been an amateur radio operator since gaining my foundation licence in the early months of 2003. My call sign then was M3ESB.

Training took place at the Radio Society of Harrow. My tutor was a lovely chap called Don Lamb G0ACK. From gaining the foundation licence he helped me prepare for the big jump to the full licence, taking the City & Guilds exam RAE 7650. I took the final RAE in 2003 prior to the new licence structure being introduced, and am proud to say I gained the full licence and callsign M0ESB in October of 2003.

Another job I’m not trained for – Rescuing Swans

I work in the rail transport industry as a Mobile Operations manager. My scope of work is far ranging and I am a jack of all trades and master of none. To cut a long story short I’m paid to keep trains on the tracks and everything else off them. It’s all about keeping the system running as smoothly as we can.

Please have a look through my site to find out more about me, my interests, my location, hobbies and ongoing projects. Not everything on here is radio related. There are a lot more people out there who have a far more specialist knowledge in this subject than I do. This website gives you an insight into the man behind the call sign my struggles, frustrations and achievements within the hobby and I hope, with the content within this site, that we can achieve that.

Thanks for dropping by and please feel free to make contact by one of the links supplied throughout the site

Receiving Uncles Medal

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