England v Wales – Six nations

Saturday 7th March 2020. Whilst in London for the weekend the offer arose to attend Twickenham to watch the 6 nations rugby game between England and Wales. Well I couldn’t turn that down could I? So off to “Twickers” I trotted.

Outside Twickenham

Now the roads leading to Twickenham from the stations are quite narrow. How the food and merchandise outlets set up was quite imaginative, they were in people’s gardens to keep the roads clear. I suppose if you are a resident in the area this can be quite a lucrative deal as 80000+ people pass your front door.

Up in the god’s

This was my first visit to the stadium. I had worked in the area for a good few years when I lived in north London but had never visited. I must admit it is an impressive venue and the sound from the crowd is out of this world. When the stadium bursts into song it is hard not to get involved.

The game was a good one, we won so that was a bonus as every rugby game I have attended at Welford road to watch Leicester Tigers we have lost. So today for a change I was not a Jonah. In typical fashion a few beers were sunk ( Well, you have to don’t you? ) and a great day was had. Back on the train and into central London to meet the family for dinner.
Can’t wait to attend my next international game.