My Station

My main radios are a Kenwood TS2000x as well as a Yaesu FT817 along with an old Yaesu FT290 all mode 2mtr radio, that I have had since I first gained my licence back in 2003. I also use handhelds by Baofeng as well as Yaesu.

As stated the Kenwood is the main one in use and I like to use the FT817 for portable operation, as well as for the majority of the digital contacts where low power is preferred.

I have numerous add ons and home built bits of kit I use to assist in my ventures, all of which come together to create a contact or a reference point for experimental purposes in communications.

I like to vary the comms I use. Digital is a popular one for me due to my interest in low power and the problems and challenges needed to overcome the issues within this field of the hobby. I like to use Voice comms, its good to talk, and I’m brushing up on my Morse code but at the moment I mainly listen, trying to decode as much as I can manually. However I’m sure I will be transmitting freely in the not too distant future.

Antenna wise things are in a constant state of change and disarray. I currently use a loft mounted wire for contacts on the 6 through to 80 mtr bands this is called a Magitenna .

Other aerials and pieces of wet string are in use or being made covering all other bands for specific modes, dependant on what part of the hobby I am currently showing an interest in.

I will blog all construction through the projects page on this website, so I will not produce a list here as I want to keep this page as clear and simple as possible.

DMR Contact details M0ESB

DMR – Out with the old and in with the new…maybe

As of the 7th August 2020 I have succumbed to peer pressure and after years of resistance I have finally purchased my first DMR handheld. I have opted for the Anytone D878UV Plus for no other reason than it has good reviews and it is reasonably priced. Some Hams would say expensive, I say reasonable. I don’t know if I will actually embrace the mode or not, but I will give it a go. For those wanting to make contact see the detail in the picture along side. I’ll let you know how I get on.

My shack is very small,  minuscule to be fair, but I can still be heard.

Currently most of my activity on the airwaves is from a back bedroom or the conservatory, so I have to keep my setup as mobile as possible as it is assembled and disassembled prior to, and after every use. To leave it in situ would:

1. Annoy the wife &
2. Further annoy the wife

so in the interest of marital harmony I find it easier to just do as I am told (Where have I heard that before….)

A lot of upheaval is currently ongoing in my home as we have only lived here a short while. And as time progresses I’m hoping to get some antennas externally (Pending planning & neighbourly compliance) as well as a separate area located where a simple shack can be built away from the house.

This is probably not going to see the light of day until 2021, so until then I will be operating the portable setup I have explained above. Again I will update via the blog any progression on this activity.

As is the norm in this hobby, I flitter away far much more money than I should on gadgets, projects, radios and stuff that I want but don’t actually need. That’s just part and parcel of being part of this highly addictive activity.