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“You don’t have to have it figured all out to move forward”

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Build a 2 Mtr Tape Yagi - Lock down continues in the UK due to Covid-19 and it seems everyone is out making the old faithful, the 2mtr tape Yagi. I'm not going to go much further than supplying a few links as there is so much info about building these antennas out there, that a few clicks on your keyboard would soon garnish you with the information you require. Requirements A length of electrical conduitAn old 1 " tape measure (Though… ... Read more Build a 2 Mtr Tape Yagi
Build a small space HF Antenna - A number of people within our hobby have restrictions on antenna placement for a number of reasons. Maybe our gardens are too small, maybe there are planning restrictions. Whatever the reasons most of us who fit into this category are always looking for an antenna to get us out there. We will never match the big guys with their multi antenna arrays and massive power output, but we can still be heard, Below is one… ... Read more Build a small space HF Antenna
Bifilar toroid Build a 4:1 UnUn - What is an UnUn ? Unbalanced to unbalanced- simple? An unun is an impedance transformer, usually 4:1 or 9:1, that will match an unbalanced antenna to a feed line. To buy or not to buy ? The question was “ Do I pay £35+ for a ready made unit, or do I make it myself?” I have taken the plunge with the attitude of, “Sod it, I’ll never learn if I don’t give it a go.” So with… ... Read more Build a 4:1 UnUn
Build a USB battery pack keep-alive load - Another very easy construction project, from the team at Sotabeams. For once though, I actually needed this item rather than the usual, “Wanted it”. So what’s the problem ? This is a basic “Tea break” project that serves a purpose for those who use power/battery banks. Powerbanks can be used with WSPRLITE units that have a low power demand, sometimes over a considerable period of time - 3 days at its maximum. I use two… ... Read more Build a USB battery pack keep-alive load
Build a Raspberry PI ADS-B SDR Aircraft Receiver/Feed - What is ADS-B Automatic, Dependant, Surveilance - Broadcast ADS-B is a system in which electronic equipment onboard an aircraft automatically broadcasts the precise location of the aircraft via a digital data link. The data is used by other aircraft and air traffic control to show the aircraft’s position and altitude on display screens without the need for radar. The system involves an aircraft with ADS-B determining its position using GPS. A suitable transmitter then broadcasts… ... Read more Build a Raspberry PI ADS-B SDR Aircraft Receiver/Feed
Build a Wspr lite classic low pass filter assembly - As you will know from other posts, I have recently purchased the Sotabeams WSPR Lite classic low power antenna testing unit. This unit, in its its bare back form allows testing on the 20mtr and 30mtr bands without filters, however if you wish to explore antenna usage on 40, 80 & 160mtrs you will need to construct some low pass filters to do so. Sotabeams produce a bare bones self construction kit that allows these… ... Read more Build a Wspr lite classic low pass filter assembly